Has any club ever played every game in every competition in a season?

This has happened more frequently than we understood. How about we start with a tragic model from the north-east. “In the 1996-97 season, Middlesbrough came to (and lost) the last of both the League Cup (after a replay) and the FA Cup and were consigned from the Premier League,” composes Paul Brack, a solitary tear moving gravely down his cheek. “They hadn’t equipped for Europe, so they played each game in each rivalry they entered.”

Boro played 54 games altogether: 38 in the association, seven in the FA Cup and nine in the League Cup. Unfortunately, a match Boro initially didn’t play – away to Blackburn in the Premier League – at last prompted them being consigned.

Assuming that Liverpool really do play each game this season, they will be continuing in the exhausted strides of their high pitch winning group of 2000-01. “Liverpool arrived at the last of the FA Cup, League Cup and Uefa Cup, winning every contest,” composes Steve Williams. They played multiple times that season: 38 in the Premier League, six each in the FA and League Cups and 13 in the Uefa Cup.

From Liverpool to the Lisbon Lions. As Iain Pearson (and others) brings up, Celtic won an extraordinary quintuple in 1966-67. They won Division One (34 games), the Scottish Cup (six games, including one replay), the League Cup (10 games), the Glasgow Cup (three) and, most mystically of all, the European Cup (nine). That is 62 games. In case it wasn’t already obvious, they won 51, lost just three and scored a crazy 196 objectives.

Celtic have a connection of sorts to our next reply – the Porto side that beat them in the crabby Uefa Cup last of 2002-03. “In two sequential seasons (2002-04), Porto played each game in each rivalry they entered,” composes Alan Gomes. “These were the José Mourinho years: Porto arrived at the Portuguese cup last in the two seasons, in addition to the 2003 Uefa Cup and the 2004 Champions League finals. Tired legs weren’t a lot of an issue for them: with the exception of one of the homegrown cup finals, Porto won that large number of contests and the Portuguese association in the two years also.”

Before we consider the contemporary peculiarity, we ought to likely glance at how the word from which it is inferred – shithouse – turned out to be important for the English language. As indicated by our own John Ashdown, who expounded on the S-word during the last World Cup, it very well may be followed back to Scouse shoptalk utilized during the 1960s. The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang has a passage for “shithouse”, with definitions “an incredibly unsavory person” and “a weakling”.

It had absolutely arrived at the east Midlands by the 1970s. In Duncan Hamilton’s superb book Provided You Don’t Kiss Me, he discusses Brian Clough’s inclination for utilizing the word. “The telephone rang. ‘Where are you, shithouse?’ asked Clough. (He utilized the word ‘shithouse’ as oftentimes as others use ‘please’ and ‘bless your heart’. ‘It’s a warm term,’ he’d make sense of – however he didn’t necessarily utilize it that way.)” It likewise shows up in the vast majority of the Clough stories told by Mark Crossley in his amusing Undr the Cosh interview.

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